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Revere Berkshire Single Hung Windows

Revere Berkshire Single Hung WindowsIn Berkshire single hung windows you have found a quality choice for enduring style, as well as simplicity and ease.   Fusion-welded vinyl sash and main frame, metal-reinforced locking rail and multi-chambered extrusions deliver substantial durability and strength, while a heavy-duty balance system ensures easy operation of the sash.  The clean-line design and weathertight fit of this proven window will beautifully enhance your home, inside and out.

Product Features

Built for enduring beauty and performance, Berkshire single hung windows masterfully combine outstanding strength and thermal efficiency with modern practicalities. Precision-engineered with energy saving feaures, Berkshire will help keep your home comfortable year-round while lowering your heating and cooling energy consumption.

  • Enduring Beauty  Premium vinyl sashes and main frame are colored through and through to ensure the beautiful luster lasts; won't chip, peel, crack or warp.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction  Fusion-welded sash and main frame increase structural integrity and strength.
  • Energy-Efficient Design  Multi-chambered extrusions create insulating dead-air spaces, while double-barrier fin seal weatherstripping and protective bulb seal help block energy loss.
  • Interlock at Sash Locking Rail  Metal reinforcement at the sash locking rail provides increased insulation, comfort and security.
  • High-Performance Insulating Glass  PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System Insulates the frame and edge of glass for improved thermal performance and longevity.


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